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Index  to Pages of the Indic Studies Foundation website


o        FAQ on AIT

o        BBCshow 2005

o        Decline and Fall of AIT

o        References on AIT

o        Witzel and the Munda

         About Us



o        Ursa Major etched in stone (Megalithic perod,Hyderabad (A.P)

         Aryabhatta I


o        Astronomy/out. PDF

o        Astronomical references in Vedic texts

o        Reference on astronomy

o        The Great Bharata War

o        Ancient Indian Astronomy by VP Sarathi

o        Subhash Kak

o        Astronomy Notes I

o        References on Ancient Indian Astronomy

o        The Culture of Science


         Bhagavad Gita Index  

o        Chapter 1 Vishaada Yoga

o        Chapter 2  Saamkhya Yoga

o        Chapter 3  Karma Yoga

o        Chapter 4 Jnaana Yoga

o        Chapter 5 Karma Vairagya Yoga

o        Chapter 6  Abhyasa Yoga


o        Chapter 7  Paramahamsa Vijnana Yoga

o        Chapter 8 Aksara-Parabrahman Yoga

o        Chapter 9 Raja-Vidya-Guhya Yoga

o        Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga

o        Chapter 11 Vishwarupa Darshana Yoga

o        Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga

o        Chapter 13 Kshetra Kshetrajna Vibhaga Yoga

o        Chapter 14 Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga

o        Chapter 15  Purusottama Yoga

o        Chapter 16 Daiva asura sampad Vibhaga Yoga

o        Chapter 17 Sraddhatraya Vibhaga Yoga

o        Chapter 18 Moksha Upadesa Yoga








o        Bibliography

o        Book Reviews

o        CA Text Books

o        Swam Vivekananda

o        letter to Ms.Green

o        Yvette Rosser ,Ph.D

o        Ca textbooks viewpoint1

o        The US laws about school textbooks: issues for seeking remedies from the law courts

o        Dossier on Witzel

o        toolkit

o        Pioneer-7March2006

o        FOSA started by Paki individuals  (May15,2006)

o        Caste

o        Dalitism

o        chronology

o        Royal Chronology and History of India (TM) (Raj Mohanka)

o        Bharateeya Historiography

o        chronology index


o        Contact

o        Core Values

o        Economics and Economic History

o        Economic History of the Indian subcontinent

o        Editorial Archives

o        Geopolitics

o        List of countries by population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

o        List of countries by population density - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

o        Glossary of Indic and Sanskrit Terms


o       Dharma

o       FAQ on Hinduism

o       The Hindu Vedic Wedding

o       The Engagement Ceremony



o        Chronology of Indo-Pak conflict

o        Ghost of Macaulay

o        Goa a modern perspective

o        Manuscripts

o        Karl Marx on India

o        Quotations

o        References

o        Sethna Ancient India

o        The Andhra Satavahanas

o        Indic Philosophy

o        Upanishads

         Mandukya Upanishad

o        Indian_Philosophy_at_University_of_Hawaii_by_Shruti[1].pdf

o        Indic Studies Foundation

o        web calendar

o        Royal Chronology and History of India

o        About Me

o        current events

         current Events

o        The South Asia File

o        Bylaws

         The ISF Articles of Incorporation


         Vedic Sanskrit online course

o        The South Asia File

o        IRF South Asia File presentation .pdf

o        April is the cruelest  month

o        Democracy in Ancient India

o        Economics


o        calendar/apr.pdf


o        it aint over

o        Linguistics

o        Brahmi


o        A history of the Telugu language

         History of  the Telugu Language

o        Glossary of Indic and Sanskrit Terms

o        Mathematics

o        Vedic Mathematicians II

o        Eurocentrism in Mathematics

o        Vedic Mathematicians in ancient India Part I

o        Vedic Mathematicians III

FAQ on Vedic Mathematics

o        Mathematics/placev

o        Vedic Mathematics Book

o        Skeleton of Proposed chronology

o        Babylonian Mathematics

o        References on Vedic Mathematics

o        Srinivasa Ramanujan

o        Mathematics Historians

o        Panini

o        Panini: His Work And its Traditions (Volume One - Background and Introduction)

o        Sanskrit: Definition and Much More From Answers.com

o        Sanskrit On Line Texts

o        Secularism and the Hindu

o        The definition of 'secular'

o        The Secularism Sutra





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