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Papers presented (Mostly abstracts)

 Call for Papers



Friday Afternoon  General Session (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

 Why are History and Chronology important  (Introduction to session)

Friday    Afternoon (4:00 PM to 6:30 pm)

Kosla Vepa Introduction (the order of Presentation may change)

David Frawley

Swami  Vigyananda Hindu   Resistance

Stephen Knapp Re-establishing the Date of Lord Buddha 

Murlidhar Pahoja(absentia) Need to Correlate and Rationalize Alexandrian, Roman, Sassanian and Indic Chronology".

Suvarna Nalapat (absentia)  Is History   Important   ?

M. A. Jayashree & M. A. Narasimhan (absentia) Need   of the Hour

T Hanuman Chowdary(absentia) Warnings of History

Vishnu Swaroop Misra, (absentia) Ancient Indian Dynasties

Michel Danino (absentia)  Dholavira

OmPrakash     (absentia)  Negating the Colonial Construct of Oriental Despotism: The Science of Statecraft in Ancient India

Oleg Parzeshkevich  Ancient Leadership Model of the  RIGVEDIC purohita.


Youth Presentations Avi  Kejriwal, Eshan Kejriwal, Arnav   Kejriwal




Saturday Morning (8:00 am 11:00   am)

Kosla Vepa

Y Sudershan Rao Indian Chronology Problems and Perspectives

Jagat Motwani History of Ancient India: Distorted and Mutilated (full paper)

David Frawley Astronomical Information in the Dating of Vedic Civilization

Narahari     Achar Chronology of   Bharata  I

Vijay Ashar Chronology of Mathematical development in India

B V K Sastry

Narahari     Achar Chronology of  Bharata (Full paper) II

 Anirban Banerjee Daevas and Asura: The ongoing battle between Iconism and Aniconism

Jagat Motwani Vishaal Bharat (full paper)

Kalavai Venkat


Saturday Afternoon (3:00 PM to 5:00    PM)

Presentations by Youth

Avi Kejriwal

Arnav Kejriwal

Eshan Kejriwal


Relevant Papers and Presentations (previously archived & other background material)Core Values

Vrindavan  Parker  Vedic Dating of Buddha  

Core Values

 The South Asia file

 Chronology I,   

Prasad Gokhale on Indian History

Bharateeya Historiography by Sriram Sathe

References on Indic History

GDP PPP basis thru the ages

India and the Great Game

A Prolegomena to the study of History

Secularism and the Hindu

FAQ on History of the Indic civilization

References on India (library of Congress)    (what  Americans might be reading about India)

References on Sanatanic Darshanas

References on the Decimal Place Value System

Glossary of   Sanskritic  Terms

Dhaarmic Traditions

Indology and Indologists

Sources in  Ancient Indian Astronomy and Mathematics

The Indic Civilization, History, nationhood, Strategic Security (Book)

The Chronology project in Indic Exact  Sciences

Indic Mathematical Tradition   (HEC2006)

Hindu Art of  Self Hate